Cast Of Hall Pass

cast of hall pass

Here we have the cast of Hall Pass a comedy movie that was released in 2011. 

Now let’s have a look at the star cast of Hall Pass that is in the movie.

Cast Of Hall Pass

The Cast Of Hall Pass is

Owen Wilson 

Plays The Role Of Richard “Rick” Mills, Maggie’s husband

Jason Sudeikis 

Plays The Role Of Fred Searing, Grace’s husband

Jenna Fischer 

Plays The Role Of Maggie Mills, Rick’s wife

Christina Applegate 

Plays The Role Of Grace Searing, Fred’s wife

Joy Behar 

Plays The Role Of Dr. Lucille “Lucy” Gilbert

Nicky Whelan 

Plays The Role Of Leigh, the Australian barista

Bruce Thomas 

Plays The Role Of Coach Rick Coleman

Alexandra Daddario 

Plays The Role Of Paige

Alyssa Milano
Plays The Role Of Mandy Bohac

Derek Waters 

Plays The Role Of Brent

Kristin Carey 

Plays The Role Of Aunt Meg

Tyler Hoechlin 

Plays The Role Of Gerry

Stephen Merchant 

Plays The Role Of Gary Putney

J. B. Smoove 

Plays The Role Of Flats

Larry Joe Campbell 

Plays The Role Of Andrew Hog Head McCormick

Richard Jenkins 

Plays The Role Of Coakley

Rob Moran 

Plays The Role Of Ed Long

Lauren Bowles 

Plays The Role Of Britney Long

Dwight Evans 

Plays The Role Of Maggie’s father

Bo Burnham 

Plays The Role Of Bartender

Vanessa Angel 

Plays The Role Of Missy Frankinopoulos

Let’s have a look at the main crew of Hall Pass

Crew Of Hall Pass

Director of Hall Pass 

Writer Of Hall Pass 

  • Pete Jones

Producer Of Hall Pass 

  • Charles B. Wessler
  • Bradley Thomas
  • Benjamin Waisbren
  • Bobby Farrelly
  • Peter Farrelly
  • J.B. Rogers
  • Mark Charpentier

About Hall Pass Release

Release Date – February 25, 2011

Running Time – 105 minutes

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Is Hall Pass Movie On Netflix?

Unfortunately Hall Pass movie is not on Netflix.

What Is The Point Of A Hall Pass?

A hall pass is typically used in educational settings, where it allows students to leave the classroom during class time for specific reasons, such as going to the restroom, seeing a counselor or a teacher, or going to their locker. The purpose of a hall pass is to ensure that students do not abuse the privilege of leaving the classroom, and that they can be easily identified by staff members if they are found in areas where they should not be.

Is Hall Pass A Good Movie?

Whether a movie is good or not is subjective and depends on individual preferences. “Hall Pass” is a comedy film released in 2011, directed by the Farrelly brothers and starring Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis. The film tells the story of two married men who are given a week-long “hall pass” by their wives, which allows them to do whatever they want without any consequences.

Is The Movie Hall Pass Funny?

“Hall Pass” is a comedy movie, and it has received mixed reviews regarding its humor. Some people find the movie to be funny and entertaining, while others may not find it as humorous. The movie uses a mix of physical comedy, sexual innuendos, and situational humor to create laughter.

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Cast Of Hall Pass

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