Cast Of Shrek 2

Here we have the cast of Shrek 2 an animated comedy movie that was released in 2004 and is a sequel to the movie Shrek which was released in 2001. 

Now let’s have a look at the star cast of Shrek 2 in the film.

Cast Of Shrek 2

The Cast Of Shrek 2 is

Mike Myers 

Voice Cast For Shrek

Eddie Murphy 

Voice Cast For Donkey

Cameron Diaz 

Voice Cast For Princess Fiona

Julie Andrews 

Voice Cast For Queen Lillian

Antonio Banderas

Voice Cast For Puss in Boots

John Cleese 

Voice Cast For King Harold

Rupert Everett 

Voice Cast For Prince Charming

Jennifer Saunders 

Voice Cast For Fairy Godmother

Joan Rivers 

Voice Cast For Red Carpet Announcer

Larry King 

Voice Cast For Doris the Ugly Stepsister

Aron Warner 

Voice Cast For Big Bad Wolf

Cody Cameron 

Voice Cast For Pinocchio & The Three Little Pigs

Christopher Knights and Simon J. Smith 

Voice Cast For Three Blind Mice

Conrad Vernon

Voice Cast For Gingy, Muffin Man, Mongo, Cedric, Announcer

Chris Miller

Voice Cast For Magic Mirror

Mark Moseley 

Voice Cast For Dresser

Kelly Cooney 

Voice Cast For Fast Food Clerk

Kelly Asbury 

Voice Cast For Page, Elf, Nobleman, and Nobleman’s son

Andrew Adamson 

Voice Cast For Captain of the Guard

Let’s have a look at the main crew of Shrek 2

Crew Of Shrek 2

Director of Shrek 2 

  • Andrew Adamson
  • Kelly Asbury
  • Conrad Vernon

Based on

  • Shrek! by William Steig

Producer Of Shrek 2 

  • Aron Warner
  • David Lipman
  • John H. Williams

About Shrek 2 Release

Release Date – May 19, 2004 (US)

Running Time – 92 minutes

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How Old Is Fiona In Shrek 2?

In Shrek 2, Fiona’s age is not explicitly stated. However, it is implied that she is around the same age as Shrek, who is in his early 30s according to the creators of the movie. Therefore, Fiona is likely to be in her early 30s as well.

Why Shrek 2 Is The Best Movie Ever?

There may be some reasons why some people may consider it to be the best movie ever. The reasons can be because it has Humor, Storyline, Characters, and Music.

Overall, Shrek 2 has many elements that make it a beloved and memorable movie for many people, which is why it has remained a classic over the years.

Who Plays Fiona’s Mother In Shrek 2?

Fiona’s mother in Shrek 2 is voiced by actress Julie Andrews. Andrews is a well-known actress who has starred in numerous movies and stage productions, including “Mary Poppins,” “The Sound of Music,” and “Victor/Victoria.” In Shrek 2, she lent her voice to Queen Lillian, Fiona’s mother, and played a key role in the movie’s plot.

Who Plays The Cat In Shrek 2?

The character of Puss in Boots, the cat in Shrek 2, is voiced by actor Antonio Banderas. Banderas is a Spanish actor who has appeared in many movies over the years, including “Desperado,” “The Mask of Zorro,” and “Once Upon a Time in Mexico.” He also provided the voice for Puss in Boots in subsequent Shrek movies and in the spinoff movie “Puss in Boots.”

Is Cameron Diaz A Millionaire?

Cameron Diaz’s Net Worth

The 50-year-old millionaire has a net worth of $140 million as of 2023. However, earlier in life she found herself in an underprivileged household in San Diego. Despite her humble beginnings, her charm and determination made her one of the top-paid actresses in the early 2000s.

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Cast Of Shrek 2