What Is Best Ball In Golf?

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In the rich tapestry of golf, where precision and strategy reign supreme, the term “best ball” emerges as a unique and engaging format that combines individual skill with teamwork. Let’s explore the essence, rules, and allure of best ball in the world of golf.

What Is Best Ball In Golf?

Best ball, also known as four-ball, is a golf format that involves teams of two players competing against each other. Each player plays their own ball throughout the round, but the team’s score for each hole is determined by the better (best) score between the two partners.

The Dynamics And Strategy

  • Collaborative Play: While each player hits their own ball, the team relies on the best score achieved by either player on each hole. This encourages collaboration and allows for strategic decision-making during the round.
  • Risk Management: Players can take calculated risks, knowing that their partner’s score might provide a safety net. This often leads to more aggressive play, as players attempt shots they might not in an individual stroke play format.
  • Strategic Pairings: Pairing players with complementary strengths—such as one player with exceptional putting skills and another with great driving accuracy—can maximize the team’s chances of achieving lower scores.

Scoring And Rules

  • The team’s score for each hole is the lower score between the two partners.
  • At the end of the round, the team’s total score is the sum of their lowest scores on each hole.
  • Best ball can be played in various formats, including stroke play or match play.

Applications And Variations

  • Tournaments: Best ball formats are commonly used in tournaments, including amateur events and professional competitions like the Ryder Cup or Presidents Cup.
  • Amateur Play: Golfers often enjoy best ball formats for its social aspect and camaraderie, making it a popular choice for friendly rounds and charity events.

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The Appeal Of Best Ball

  • Collaborative Spirit: Best ball encourages teamwork and camaraderie, fostering a sense of partnership and shared achievement.
  • Strategic Play: The format allows players to strategize together, combining individual skills to achieve the best possible outcome for the team.
  • Engagement and Enjoyment: Best ball offers an engaging and enjoyable experience for players, providing a different perspective on the game beyond individual performance.


In essence, best ball in golf stands as a testament to the fusion of individual skill and collaborative strategy. It celebrates teamwork, encourages calculated risk-taking, and creates an engaging atmosphere that elevates the game beyond individual scores.

As golfers tee off in this unique format, they embark on a journey that combines the artistry of individual play with the synergy of partnership—a game where the best shot of the team echoes louder than the swing of any single club.


What Is Difference Between Best Ball And Scramble?

A “Scramble” is a where each golfer hits their ball throughout the match and the team captains choose the best shot and use the same spot for each player. “Best Ball” is when each player on the team plays his or her own golf ball throughout the hole and the team uses the lowest score on the hole.

How Do You Play Best Ball In Golf?

The team members select the best ball from their own shots and then play their next shot from where the selected ball landed. The total score is the sum of each player’s best individual shots, so it’s important for everyone to contribute equally to help win that round!

What Is The 4 Man Best Ball?

4-Person Best Ball is a golf event scoring format where up to four players are assigned to the same team. Each golfer records their score on each hole. The team score is calculated by looking at the best score of the four players on each hole and adding up the total.

What Is Best Ball In Pga Tournament?

Best-ball format allows players to play their own game (since players keep track of their own scores), while also allowing them to take advantage of their partner playing especially well on holes.

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