What Is Boyflux?

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In recent years, discussions surrounding gender identity have become increasingly nuanced and inclusive, acknowledging the diverse ways in which individuals experience and express their gender. One such term that has gained recognition is “boyflux.” But what exactly does “boyflux” mean, and how does it fit into the broader landscape of gender identities? In this blog post, we’ll explore the concept of boyflux, its significance, and its place in the ever-evolving conversation about gender.

What Is Boyflux?

Boyflux is a gender identity that falls under the non-binary umbrella. Non-binary refers to individuals whose gender identity doesn’t exclusively align with being male or female. Boyflux individuals typically experience a fluid or fluctuating sense of being more closely connected to the male gender at certain times or in certain situations, while feeling less connected to it at other times.

The term “flux” in boyflux indicates that this gender identity is not fixed or static; it can vary over time. Some days, a person who identifies as boyflux may feel strongly connected to being a boy or having a masculine gender expression, while on other days, they may feel less aligned with these aspects of their identity.

Key Aspects Of Boyflux:

  1. Fluidity: Boyflux individuals experience fluctuations in their gender identity. This fluidity can range from subtle shifts to more pronounced changes in how they perceive their gender.
  2. Self-Identification: Gender identity is a deeply personal and self-identified aspect of a person’s life. Boyflux individuals use this label to describe their own experiences and feelings related to gender.
  3. Diverse Expressions: Boyflux individuals may express their gender in various ways. Some may adopt a mix of masculine and feminine traits, while others may lean more toward a particular gender expression on different days.
  4. Pronouns: Boyflux individuals may use a range of pronouns, including he/him, they/them, or other gender-neutral pronouns that align with their gender identity on a given day.

Challenges And Visibility

Like many non-binary identities, boyflux individuals may face challenges related to societal understanding and acceptance. Misunderstandings about gender diversity can lead to discrimination, lack of representation, and difficulties accessing appropriate healthcare and support. However, as conversations surrounding gender continue to evolve, there is growing recognition and acceptance of gender identities like boyflux.

Visibility and representation are essential in fostering understanding and acceptance of diverse gender identities. Increased visibility in media, education, and public discourse can help combat stigma and create a more inclusive society.


Boyflux is a unique and valid gender identity that reflects the fluid and diverse nature of human experiences with gender. It’s important to approach discussions about gender identity with openness, respect, and a willingness to learn and understand. By acknowledging and respecting the identities of all individuals, we can contribute to a more inclusive and compassionate world where everyone is free to express themselves authentically.

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What Is Genderflux?

What does genderflux mean? A person who is genderflux experiences a range of intensity within a gender identity. For example, a person who is boyflux may identify as fully masculine to partially masculine (demiboy) and slightly masculine (libramasculine) to fully agender.

What Do The Colors Of Boyflux Mean?

Color meanings: Fading blue to represent the fluctuations in boy-ness, and the green is a mix of blue and yellow to represent a mix of “boy” and “nonbinary”. Full pride gallery HERE! FAQ and “dictionary” of genders, orientations, and other related terms HERE. Send any questions to Ask-Pride-Color-Schemes!

Is Genderflux Nonbinary?

Genderflux is a gender identity that varies in intensity over time. This can be gradually, rapidly, or any speed in-between depending on the person. Usually it is consistent but sometimes it is not. Genderflux is under the multigender umbrella, as well as under the non-binary umbrella.

What Is Demiboy?

Likewise a demiboy is a person who feels their gender identity partially identifies with a masculine identity but is not wholly binary. Like a demigirl, a demiboy may identify this way regardless of their assigned gender. A demigirl and demiboy fall under the trans umbrella.

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